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Below are examples of some of the sites and projects designed by Web Cycle Designs, Inc. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on our services.

 Production Website Examples:

click for Atlanta Motorcycle Schools live site
Atlanta Motorcycle Schools

Atlanta Motorcycle & Handgun Schools

Atlanta Motorcycle & Handgun Schools provides private, personalized motorcycle and handgun instruction using a personal trainer approach.

Please visit Atlanta Motorcycle & Handgun Schools by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.jkminc.com.

click for Ellens Custom Cards site
Auburn Williams Properties

Auburn Williams Properties

Auburn Williams Properties has been renting duplexes and houses in Auburn, Alabama since 1975. We know what students need and have designed the perfect duplex for college roommates. All units are Pet Friendly, too!

Please visit Auburn Williams Properties website by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.AuburnWilliamsProperties.com.

click for Ellens Custom Cards site
Ellen’s Custom Cards

Ellen's Custom Cards

Ellen’s greeting cards are custom designed for any occasion. Whatever you would like to say—using any photo you choose—create a card that is truly “one of a kind”.

Please visit Ellen’s Custom Cards website by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.EllensCustomCards.com.

Click for ERW Computers live site
ERW Computers

ERW Computers

ERW Computers is a small company based in the Atlanta area specializing in private computer lessons for individuals and businesses. They provide support, training, maintenance, and upgrading of both software and hardware systems—as well as customized greeting cards for the visually impaired.

Please visit the ERW Computers site by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.erwcomputers.com.

Click for Law Bike live site
Law Bike

Law Bike—Charles W. Watwood, Jr.

Charles W. Watwood, Jr. and Associates—Lawyers/attorneys focusing on motorcycle accidents and injuries. They are experienced trial lawyers who ride.

Please visit the Law Bike site by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.lawbike.com.

click for Montgomery Rider Education  live site
Montgomery Rider Ed

Montgomery Rider Education

The Montgomery Rider Education Program Website was designed to inform potential customers of the motorcycle training courses and locations that they offer. All courses are conducted using the Motorcycle Safety Foundation standards.

Please visit Montgomery Rider Education by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.mrepinc.com.

click for Pink Ribbon Rides live site
Pink Ribbon Rides

Pink Ribbon Rides

Carol Youorski (AKA Skert) has dedicated a large part of her life toward showing woman that they can fulfill their goals and dreams. Carol does this through motorcycling! At 5'4" she travels through out the US showing women and men how to pick up a motorcycle.

Please visit Skert’s Pink Ribbon Rides by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.pinkribbonrides.com.

click for Twisty Sisters live site
Twisty Sisters

Twisty Sisters

Britt Turner of Two Wheels Only has been instrumental in organizing the Twisty Sisters’ Riding Club USA. This is a no-fees club open to all women who ride—and especially those who love riding the mountain “twisties”!

Please visit the Twisty Sisters by clicking on the thumbnail to the left or www.twistysisters.com.

 Non-Production Examples:

click for site design
Blue Ridge Bakery

Blue Ridge Bakery

Blue Ridge Bakery LLC was a small business in Georgia selling their delicious home baked products to wholesale and retail customers. Blue Ridge Bakery offers delicious gourmet brownies, white chocolate squares, energy squares, blondies, fructose sweetened goodies and more...

Unfortunately, Blue Ridge Bakery is no longer in business—and was causing conflict with current businesses with similar names, so this example was removed as a courtesy.

Blue Ridge Bakery Flash Commercial

Flash Commercial

Blue Ridge Bakery is very well known for their delicious gourmet brownies and other desserts. So, why are they so good? Watch our commercial and you will find out! This commercial was developed using Macromedia’s Flash. Flash allows sound to be included with an image file and also provides superior animation options.

click for a test site
School Rules!

Flash Apparel Site

The School Rules! site was a group project created by a team of five KIP classmates. The site was designed to sell school uniforms to elementary aged school children’s parents. The entire site was designed in Flash with the exception of the order form which was written in HTML.

Please note, this site in not a live site!

click for a test site
Java Jody’s

Database Driven Coffee Site

Java Jody’s site is a database driven site. SQL Server and Dreamweaver Ultra-Dev were used to design the interface and the data integration. The logins and passwords are displayed to allow functionality testing.

This site in not a live site!

Photo Collage - Christmas 2001

Photo Collage - Family Christmas

This collage project is composed of over thirty individual layers. Special Photoshop effects were used to create unique ornaments, blur backgrounds, remove unwanted images and much more. Many different Photoshop functions were used to improve the photo quality of the portraits and even clone images from one area to another.
Photo Collage - I Do

Photo Collage - I Do

The Run Away Bride has nothing on this bride. When her fiancée proposed to her, he proposed with a PC800 motorcycle rather than a diamond. As you can tell from the license plate “I Do”, that was just fine with her. For their first anniversary, she presented these photos to him for the perfect anniversary present! The collage consists of five individual photographs on a black background. The center photograph was reshaped and special effects were added to give it emphasis.
WCD Cycle Logo

Typography Project - Cycle

Illustrator was used to create a vector-based image from pure text letters. Vector graphics allow image scaling without losing quality or changing the stored image size. In this example, the letters were resized, moved and manipulated to create the shape of a motorcycle from the word ‘cycle’.
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