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Design a new site

Web Cycle Designs can take care of all the details of designing your new site. These services include the initial interview, a design proposal, domain name registration, web hosting set-up, designing the interface, adding your content, publishing the site, and a shakedown period. Please contact us for a quote or more information.

Rewrite an existing site

Web Cycle Designs can rewrite your existing site to give it the update that it needs. Whether your problem is purely aesthetic, lack of visitors, poor layout, or just time for a change, contact us for a quote or more information..

Maintain an existing site

Web Cycle Designs can maintain your existing web site. These services include minor changes as required, monitoring your site for hosting issues, web statistics analysis, etc. Please contact us for a quote or more information.


Professional appearance

While it may be difficult for some to define what makes a “good” site, it is easy for most to recognize a “bad” site design. A professional design includes intuitive navigation, crisp graphics, and clearly communicated messages.

Faster downloads

While many now have faster connections to the web, there still remains a need for a site to load as quickly as possible. Most visitors to a site will tire of waiting on a page that takes too long to download and will move on to the next site. Optimizing graphics is just one way to speed the download time for a site.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is both an “art” and a “science.” Search engines and directories often change the way that sites are ranked in the search results. Keeping current on the ever changing criteria for the major search engines is very time consuming. If the majority of your business comes from search engines or directory referrals, it is important that the site’s searchable content be current.

Cross-browser compatibility

The beauty of the web is that your web site can be viewed by any type of web browser loaded on any operating system. However, not all browsers and operating systems display all content in the exact same manner. Care must be taken while designing to ensure that your site will be equally attractive and functional on all browsers and operating systems.

Current technology

Technology is changing very rapidly. Few have time to keep up with the new Internet technology and manage their core business. Do you? Why not leave the technology details to the professionals and focus on the business that is your profession?
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